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Article Knowledge Base

Badge Holder Reels - Just the Thing for ID Cards

Among the most popular ways to carry ID cards is the badge holder reel. Everywhere businesses are looking for way to increase security and many of them have realized that providing staff with cards to wear is one of the best methods.
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Printed Lanyards - Custom Printed with the Latest Methods

The steps involved in ordering printed lanyards are fairly straight forward and most companies will be able to place and complete an order in a mere matter of minutes.
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Cheap Tote Bags - Priced With Your Budget in Mind

If a company wants to stay in business, or increase their sales they have to advertize. Unfortunately, there are not many businesses that have a large advertizing budget.
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Event Pouches - Great Trade Show Item

The trade show gives companies an opportunity to show off their services and products. These events are a time when manufacturers, retailers and customers are all in the same building at the same time. Numerous businesses use these shows as a time to hand-out promotional items.
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Personalized Lanyards - Customize Your Lanyards With Numerous Options.

The great thing about lanyards is that they offer you many different personalization options. As the buyer, you get to choose what colors, materials and attachment options you'd like for your personalized lanyards.
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Custom Wrist Bands - Use for Fundraising and/or Branding

Wrist bands can be made using the name of the business. These products can also have the logo of the company included if it is one that is fairly simple and does not have a lot of details.
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Badge Lanyards - Perfect for Office Id

If you or the company you work for is thinking about obtaining badge lanyards for your business, there are a few decisions that you will have to make. One of the first things that you will have to select is the style of the cord.
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Koozies - Branding at Events and Parties

The really great thing about koozies is the fact that it can be used by almost anyone. You do not have to be a beer drinker to appreciate this item. These sleeves can be used with almost any kind of beverage which comes in a can. It can also work with various glasses.
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Lanyard Choices - Discover the Options Lanyards Offer

Many products on the market make the claim that they can be customized. However, there are very few that offer the buyer the range of choices that lanyards do.
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Badge Reels - The Choice for all Security Minded Organizations

As a company owner you are going to be concerned with everything from security to customer satisfaction. However, the badge reel can aid with many aspects of your business with placing a large strain on your budget.
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Fun Uses For Tote Bags

Tote bags are a practical item. However, they can also be a really fun product. If you have never realized this, the following article will outline some of the really fun things that you can do with a tote bag.
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Breakaway Lanyards - Keep Safety in Mind

Safety should be everyone's first concern. Lanyards can and do help people with all kinds of things. However, if wearing a traditional cord presents any kind of risk the person should get a cord that has this wonderful feature.
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Neck Wallets - Ideal For ID Cards

The neck wallet is an item which is often purchased by companies to carry ID cards. This is a practical use for the wallet and one that is extremely useful.
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Custom Bracelets - Many Reasons to Choose Bracelets

Custom bracelets are the perfect item for trade shows. In fact there are hundreds of reasons why this product is ideal.
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Blank Lanyards - Numerous Uses

For security reasons, many companies and individuals prefer to have plain lanyards. Furthermore, basic cords can be used for many different purposes and individuals.
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Eco Friendly Lanyards - Made From Bio-Degradable and/or Recyclable Materials

Lanyards are an item that can be recycled. Although, these items can last for many years, there will come a time when they will need to be replaced. In order for the item to be recycled the attachment ill have to come off.
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Full Color Lanyards - The Latest Dye-Sublimation Methods

There are a number of different techniques that manufacturers use when they are creating lanyards. However, the method that they often recommend to companies, which have detailed logos, is the full color.
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Carbineer Badge Reels - A Popular Choice

Badge Reels are becoming more and more popular with companies all over the world. They are being used for everything from security to creating a uniform appearance.
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School Lanyards - Ideal for School Security, Fundraising, Teams and Events

All over the world schools are investing in school lanyards. They are doing this because they have recognised all of the ways that they can use these items in their facility.
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Custom Tote Bags - Many Advertising Options

Customization includes putting some kind of advertizing on the bag. The great thing about using tote bags for this purpose is the fact that the buyer gets to make a lot of choices.
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Double Ended Lanyards - Carry Numerous Items

Double ended lanyards are exactly that, lanyards which have two separate ends. This simple change in the basic structure permits you to carry items that you may not have been able to if you were wearing the traditional lanyard.
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Retractable Badge Holders - Best of Everything

If a company decides that all of their staff needs to wear ID cards while they are at work, they must consider buying these items for each person in their employ.
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Cheap Lanyards - Make the Most of Your Budget

If you own a small business, and you want to get real quality for your advertising dollar, you should invest in some cheap lanyards.
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Can Coolers - A Neat Promotional Product

Every year all over the world companies spend money to buy promotional products. They do this for a number of reasons.
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Custom Neck Wallets - For ID and Brand Promtion

Neck wallets are frequently purchased by organizations as a way of ensuring that their staff wears and displays their work ID cards at all times. If this is the business’ intention they should take advantage of the fact that the wallet can also be used as an advertizing tool.
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Mouse Pads - Your Brand at Every Computer

Did you know that you can get custom mouse pads? Not only can you get them you as a buyer can take an active part in their creation. Additionally, you can do all of the ordering and creating from your own home or office.
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Wallet Badge Holders - Many Custom Branding Options Available

A wallet badge holder is an item that can be used for many different things. It is ideal for ID cards and for promotional purposes. However, to be really useful and effective buyers should make certain to take the time to create the perfect wallet.
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Silicone Wrist Bands - A New and Innovative Product

Silicone wrist bands are a relatively new product. However, one has only to look around at various people to see how fast these products have taken off. There are many reasons as to why this product is so effective.
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Dye Sublimation Lanyards - The Full Color Printing Method

The dye sublimation technique (this process is sometimes called full color) is a very specialized way of dying material that involves using very high temperatures to transfer the dye onto the material.
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Retractable Reels - Countless Options and Advantages

When considering the option of obtaining reels a company has to make a number of decisions. One of the big choices will be the option of getting a retractable reel. These items have countless advantages.
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